We offer the safest and most cost-effective refrigeration machines, suitable ro a range of industries where ultra-low temperature and cryo temperature is needed.
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Vaccine storage

Delivering vaccines to every corner of the world could be a tough task. It takes a multiple-step to get so many small glass vials of vaccine to different hospitals and pharmacies where the medicine can be further used.

Storing, managing, and transporting these vital products require a chain of precisely coordinated events under controlled temperature conditions. So, temperature accuracy and quality assurance are basic requirements for manufacturers.

Temperature uniformity, optimum storage temperatures, electrical installations, loading and unloading processes and surface area are decisive factors in the energy efficiency of a cold store. The latter is the ratio of surface area to the storage volume. This is especially important when using a large number of separate refrigerators to replace one storage room.

The most important benefits

Future proof

Air is free, safe and has no regulations

Low maintenance

No leak test required, a compressor with air-bearings = no wear, no oil

High-quality insulation

No frost build-up

Unique Humidity Extraction Device (HED) traps moisture from the air in the chamber and removes it mechanically

High reliability proved technology

Proven technology – Made in Germany

No malfunction due to liquid refrigerant flooding the compressors or

negative pressures in the system

Low wear technology

Safe for people and the environment

Completely natural refrigerant with no high pressures, without toxicity, and without flammability

0 GWP, 0 ODP, 0 TFA.

Flexible and easy to install

Transportable and easy to set up, storage temperature continuously adjustable from -40 °C to -90 °C without system adjustment (optional -110 °C).

Speed-controlled, no evaporator, expander with energy recovery to the turbine, low spec. surface, vacuum insulation and lock.

Current challenges require state-of-the-art technology

New in the storage system – the chamber that suits all requirements to the system.  The experts in different fields: refrigeration, plant construction, and project management merged their forces and knowledge to create a chamber with flawless performance, efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Ultra-low temperature storage facilities are optimized to operate at -80 ° C, but can also easily reach any temperature between -40 ° C and -90 ° C (adjustable to – 110 ° C). The chamber is controlled by an S7 1200 (Siemens) and is equipped with energy-efficient LEDs that have been tested. The insulation consists of highly resistant, efficient, and low-temperature insulation panels with low thermal bridging with polyurethane foam, integrated vacuum panels, and hooks. The main pillar in the refrigeration system is an oil-free operation and the use of air as the main refrigerant.

Refrigeration technology

Mirai Intex MC 10 O/W is a new generation of unique refrigeration machines designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -60 °C down to -110 °C in cold chambers.

MIRAI Cold 10 operates in an open cycle and provides ultra-cold air directly into the chamber, without the need for an evaporator and auxiliary fans inside the chamber. Our open cycle refrigeration machines are supplied with a unique humidity extraction device, which traps the humidity from the air in the chamber and extracts it mechanically. Thus, the elimination of the ice build-up and frequent defrosting procedures, make our MIRAI Cold 10 machine a perfect solution for long term storage at ultra-low temperatures. Our machines can be used to store biological/pharmaceutical materials, as storage of meat and fish, as well as create a unique experience in a cryotherapy chamber.

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Technical data
SIZE 7 600 x 3 000 x 3 210 mm (without the ramp)
STORAGE AREA  approx 10,0 m2 (without the floodgate)
STORAGE VOLUME approx 24,5 m2 (without the floodgate)
TEMPERATURE RANGE  – 40 °C to – 110 °C / optimized for – 80°C
POWER SUPPLY  3-phase, 400 V, 50 Hz
NOISE LEVEL  DN50 optional with Condensate-Water pump
 – 80 °C  4,3 kW / 3,9 kW
 – 90 °C  3,8 kW / 3,3 kW
 -110 °C  2,7 kW / 2,3 kW
COOLING WATER SUPPLY: Outlet 15 to 17 kW (depending on the operating point)
Medium Watter / MEG 30%
Inlet temperature + 6 °C 
Outlet temperature + 14 °C
Mass flow 1 780 kg/h (1,75 m3/h)
Pressure loss: 20 kPa

Humidity Extraction Device

Open cycle machines are used in this application. I.e there is a direct exchange of air between the machine and the refrigerating chamber. A very important element is the HED inside a cold room through which air is sucked in and fed back into the cold room. Controlled by a differential pressure gauge, the ice accumulated on the surface of the filters is removed by compressed air and transported from the cold room via a conveyer belt. Compared to conventional refrigeration systems (with room-side evaporators) this results in the following advantages:

  • Significantly lower cooling capacity is required (no heat input from fan drives and fan ring heaters and above all no defrosting energy)
  • Low dew point in the cold room because the entering air is highly supercooled
  • Continuous defrosting of the cold chamber without heating processes

Insulation system


Teledoor has been manufacturing cold storage and ultra-low temperature rooms for over thirty years and has already developed several solutions in many different areas. The standard cell is continuously optimized and adapted to the ever-growing requirements. And in case the requirements go beyond usual Teledoor will develop the perfect solution.


Sandwich elements completely filled with rigid polyurethane foam with insulation thicknesses of up to 200 mm. Form-fitting foamed-in hook bolt locks firmly connect the elements with one another.

With this simple, but a very flexible and proven principle, cells can be designed and manufactured in almost any size and shape for a wide range of applications.


Each sector of the cold chain shares responsibility, we are sure in our product. We are ahead of time, for the good of humanity.

Download the detailed PDF brochure with all technical data and additional information here.

We are always ready to answer additional questions and give detailed technical advice.

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