Cryotherapy done right

October 11, 2019
Cryotherapy done right

Mirai Intex joined forces with COOLINN to launch the revolutionary MIRAI Cold machines in cryotherapy applications.

MIRAI Cold machines are the most environmentally friendly Ultra-Low Temperature refrigeration solution providing temperature range from -40 °C down to -110°C. Working with natural air as a refrigerant (R729), without oil due to innovative air bearings and with very stable performance MIRAI Cold could be the ideal refrigeration solution for your application as well.


Cryotherapy, sometimes known as  cold therapy, is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical  therapy. Let’s focus on the whole-body application and its benefits. First and foremost, the most unique cryotherapy health benefits are related to rheumatism.  There are also successful treatments for inflammatory diseases.  Positive results have been achieved in fibromyalgia syndrome, which many doctors claim to be unstoppable and getting worse in time.  The whole-body cold application improves the effects of psychosomatic and mental illnesses. We live in very hectic and stressful times affecting our mental health. Cold treatment can help with burnout, depression, or sleep disorders.  In order to achieve better results in mentioned healing processes, cryotherapy should be applied repetitively to allow the body and mind the desired relief. 

Whole-body cryotherapy has been used in high-performance sports for decades now. To help regenerate and increase the performance of athletes as well as their mental strength.  Multiple studies are showing significant positive effects that improve performance and endurance. Results show that the heart rate is reduced compared to an exercise without the cold application. The blood lactate concentration is lower after the previous precooling measurement. The heart rate variability (HRV) shows higher values ​​for all examined HRV parameters during the stress phases after pre-cooling, which indicates a larger vagotonic portion of the (parasympathetic-nervous) control. 

Cold saunas are also used in the beauty segment of our life for the reduction of cellulite and curing skin problems. The use of cold has an anti-aging effect and can contribute to weight loss. 


COOLINN wanted to offer the world’s first cold chamber that would be cooled only by air. This solution was not only chosen for the environmental impact it has but also for being highly energy efficient. Mirai Intex was the obvious choice for this and future collaboration because MIRAI Cold machines are the ideal representation of environmental awareness and becoming pioneers of new technologiesLiquid Nitrogen (LN2), commonly used in cryotherapy applications, comes with the burden of storing high volumes of LN2 in the tank and the potential danger of leaks. Air as a refrigerant (R729) not only has 0 ODP (Ozon Depletion Potential) and 0 GWP (Global Warming Potential) but also comes for free. There is no danger related to leaks since the air is distributed directly to the cold chamber. 

The project has been planned and engineered by our partner Refolution GmbH. This collaboration allowed us to bring the ultimate natural refrigerant solution and completely revolutionize the Whole-body cryotherapy experience.


MIRAI Cold 15 O/A refrigeration machine has been selected for the world’s first COOLINN cryotherapy installationMC 15 is an open cycle machine that provides ultra-cold air directly into the chamber, without the need for an evaporator and auxiliary fans inside the chamber. MIRAI Cold open cycle refrigeration machines are supplied with a unique humidity extraction device, which traps the humidity from the air in the chamber and extracts it from the chamber mechanically. It is precisely this application of open cycle machines where the humidity extraction device can show its full potential with customers permanently entering and leaving the cryo-sauna. COOLINN cold chamber is two sections: the entrance cooled down to -60 °C and the main section cooled down to -110 °C. Amentioned earlier, the cooling is provided by only one MIRAI Cold 15 refrigeration machine. 


The world’s first cryo-chamber equipped with MIRAI Cold 15 O/A is very popular and provides a pleasant experience to its users. There are other options for cryotherapy applications with smaller MIRAI Cold 10 O/W or larger MIRAI Cold 22 O/W. Each application is unique and Mirai Intex is eager to find the perfect ultra-low temperature refrigeration solution for your application.