MIRAI Cold 22

(MC 22 O/W)
-40°C -110°C
Temperature range
22 kW
Motor power
MIRAI Cold 22 – an air cycle refrigeration machine designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -40 °C down to -110 °C in cold chambers.

MIRAI Cold 22 operates in an open cycle and provides ultra-cold air directly into the chamber, without the need of an evaporator and auxiliary fans inside the chamber. Our open cycle refrigeration machines are supplied with a unique humidity extraction device, which traps the humidity from the air in the chamber and extracts it mechanically.
Reduced power consumption up to
  • Air as refrigerant
  • No need to refilling
  • Environmentally friendly
Temperature accuracy of
Refrigeration Capacity & Power
MIRAI Cold 22 (MC 22 O/W)
MIRAI Cold 22 (MC 22 O/W)
MIRAI Cold 22
Snow Catcher (Humidity Extraction Device)
The ultra-cold air exits the machine to enter the cold room via Snow Catcher. Air then exits the room to enter the machine through Snow Catcher filters. Clean and without humidity the air safely returns to the machine to repeat the cycle.
The Snow Catcher filters are cleaned automatically by the machine. Trapped snow falls from the filters down where is collected by the transporter and removed automatically from the room. Outside, the snow melts naturally or by provided heating cable.
Control Panel
User-friendly interface and easy control of the machine is provided by 7” color touch screen panel. System is compatible with digital communication protocols ProfiNET, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, and Powerlink.
Technical Data
Rated Motor Power
22 kW
System Cooling Water
1 960 kg
155x185x200 cm
Temperature Range
from -40 °C to -110 °C
Noise Level
70 dB
Max Rotation Speed
48 000 rpm
Refrigeration Capacity
Up to 13.6 kW
Operation Cycle
Open cycle
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MIRAI Cold 22
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MIRAI Cold 22