MIRAI Intex at Decarb Heat Forum 2017


MIRAI Intex participated in Decarb Heat Forum, organized by European Heat Pump Organization (EHPA), which took place in Brussels on 11-12 May. The forum gathered more than 220 participants including the major players of the heating and cooling industry from all around Europe and relevant policy-makers at European, national, regional and local level.

The forum included insights from respected institutions, global corporate leaders, industry and science opinion leaders, EU policymakers.

In the ambitious post-Paris COP21 world, the Decarb Heat Forum stands out as the first gathering of cross-sectoral companies, associations and institutions that believe in bridging the gap and connecting the heating/cooling and electricity sectors in the move towards zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

The first day of the conference was focused on the policies towards the decarbonisation of cities and industry. Among the events to have taken place in the first day was the DecarbHeat Ceremony in which the representatives of the industry and other major stakeholders had the opportunity to formally sign both the Industry Pledge and the Declaration of Support. MIRAI Intex company joined to the big initiative by signing the Declaration. The signatures reflect the willingness to make the vision of 100% decarbonized European heating and cooling system reality.

An honoured guest of the Ceremony was His Royal Highness the Prince Laurent of Belgium, who supported the initiative by signing the Declaration. The ceremony was followed by Heat Pump City of the Year Awards, presented by Céline Frémault, Minister of Energy and Environment for the Brussels Capital Region.

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