Air cycle Technology introduced to engineering experts at the cooling applications under -50°C event in Karlsruhe


Last week we had the honor to present and discuss our environmental refrigeration solution to a very special audience. Our Development director, Tsyplakov Vladyslav, introduced our own natural refrigerant solution at the Informations-Treffen Kälteanwendungen under -50 °C, which was very well received.

The F-gas regulation currently exempts the use of high GWP refrigerants from the ban, if they are applied for temperatures lower than -50ºC, but the talks are already on, whether the world has solutions to replace such refrigerants such applications. One of such refrigerants is R23 (GWP 14800), at the moment the most common refrigerant in all applications for ultra-low temperatures. Due to its high GWP value, European engineering and environmental communities are looking for possible alternatives.

Alternatives for this global issue have been presented at the German University of Karlsruhe – Technology and Economics, University of applied sciences. Possible alternatives to R23 are at different technological readiness levels and may vary in intended application. For example, one of such possible alternatives has been a refrigeration system developed by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics – Institute of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Environmental Engineering. It is based on R404A (GWP 3922) for higher temperature cascade and N2O (GWP approx. 300) for lower temperature cascade. Although the technology may be feasible for lower capacity application, it has been indicated that it would need about 7 more years to be market ready.

Our own promising solution is based on the Air cycle technology, which uses natural air (GWP 0) as the refrigerant. Therefore, it is safe for humans and the environment. As an all European company, we are the only producer of such solutions in Europe. The technology is market ready and numerous air cycle systems will be delivered to the market already in 2019.

The future looks promising for alternative refrigeration solutions and the environment as long as the political community is focused on developing an environmentally sustainable economy.

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