Air is the most natural and safest refrigerant there is.


Air is the most natural and safest refrigerant there is.

History of Air Cycle

The first Air cycle machines were developed in the 19th century. In fact, the technology is a reverse Brayton cycle and is also referred to as a Bell Coleman cycle.
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How the system works

Air Cycle Technology

Air cycle technology has been invented for over 100 years and has been used for food storage on board of ships by producers and retailers. The air cycle, as well as nitrogen cycle refrigeration technologies are widely used in air separation plants as a cooling stage to obtain cryogenic cold, to liquify natural gas, as well as aircraft air conditioning systems.

The technology is based on the heating capability of air during compression stage and cooling down during the expansion process. Repeating of compression and expansion cycles allows us to reach and maintain ultralow temperatures down to – 160 °C.

The Compressor consumes energy generated from the electric motor and the expander. Thus, we are able to use the power of the machine more efficiently. All the parts of turbo-module are designed, optimized and manufactured in-house.

Advantages of the system

Air cycle systems have a lot of advantages, and the main one is that it uses air as a refrigerant, therefore it is environmentally neutral. In addition, air cycle equipment is extremely reliable and durable, which helps to reduce maintenance costs and ensures life-long usage without the decline in performance, unlike vapor compression cycle equipment.

A unique feature of the technology is that it can produce useful heat and can be integrated into the heat management system of the building and produce additional heating.

A key technological feature is that the turboexpander and compressor are located on the same shaft. The energy produced during the expansion process is transferred through the shaft to the compressor, which allows to reduce energy consumption up to 30%. As a result of high energy efficiency and low service needs of the machine the user will benefit from reduction of costs of ownership.

Our machines use air bearings, thus eliminating the need for the use of oils, and ensures a safe and worry less experience to our clients.

Air as refrigerant

No need to refilling
Environmentally friendly

No vibration or noise

Turbo-module design reduces noise and vibrations

Safe solution

No chemically active substances
No risk of fire

Energy efficiency

Reduced power consumption up to 30%

Oil free

No oil in the system due to air bearings
Reduced costs

Temperature accuracy of 0,5°C

Frequency inverter allows maintaining 0,5 °C temperature accuracy

Reduced operating costs

Long lifecycle of equipment due to the lack of containing pairs and chemically active substances
Easy service with no special training needed

Control system

Real-time monitoring system
Ability to integrate software intervals
Data archiving at specified intervals

Legislative compliance

Compliance with all international standards and regulations

Take a look on how the system works


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