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Driven by the market need for an efficient refrigeration solution which doesn’t harm the environment, we have decided to take on one of the greatest challenges. Each component has been designed for optimal efficiency and reliability.
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How the system works

  • MIRAI Cold 10 (MC 10 O/W)
MIRAI Cold 10 (MC 10 O/W)

MIRAI Cold 10 – an air cycle refrigeration machine designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -60 °C down to -110 °C in cold chambers.

MIRAI Cold 10 operates in an open cycle and provides ultra-cold air directly into the chamber, without the need of an evaporator and auxiliary fans inside the chamber. Our open cycle refrigeration machines are supplied with a unique humidity extraction device, which traps the humidity from the air in the chamber and extracts it mechanically. Thus, eliminating the buildup of ice and frequent defrost procedures, making our MIRAI Cold 10 machine a perfect solution for long term storage needs at ultra-low temperatures. Applications of our machines include biological/pharmaceutical materials storage, storage of meat and fish, as well as creating a unique experience in a cryotherapy chamber.

MIRAI Cold is a new generation of sustainable refrigeration machines using the air cycle technology (reversed Brayton Cycle).

Air Cycle Technology is based on the heating capability of air during compression and cooling down during the expansion process. Repetition of compression and expansion cycles allows us to reach and maintain ultra-low temperatures down to -110 °C.

TEMPERATURE RANGE from -60 °C to -110 °C
SYSTEM COOLING  Water-cooled
DIMENSIONS (L x W x H)  103 x 145 x 179 cm
WEIGHT  800 kg


MC10 control system

All MIRAI Cold machines are supplied as stand-alone units with required insulation and removable housing cover. The control panel is rated IP66.

MIRAI Cold machines have an integrated control system that allows the customer to communicate with their control system using the digital communication protocols ProfiNET, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, and Powerlink, which provides easy integration. The system offers real-time monitoring, data archiving at specified intervals, and remote monitoring as an option.

One of the key features of the technology is, that the turbo-expander is located on the same shaft as the turbo-compressor.

The energy produced during the expansion process is shared by the compressor, thus significantly reducing energy consumption. This feature allows us to reduce energy consumption by 30%, as compared to conventional systems.

Open refrigeration cycle

In the case of an open cycle machine, the ultra-cold air is supplied directly to the cold room (or any other form of refrigerated well-insulated closed space). Typical refrigerants work only in closed loops, and refrigerant leaks are a big problem of the refrigeration system itself, and harm to the environment is almost inevitable. This all is not applicable when Air is used as a refrigerant.

Air (refrigerant) is provided straight to the refrigerated space and there is no need for evaporators or auxiliary fans inside. At ultra-low temperatures humidity crystalizes into ice instantly and the Air circulating in the system has to be ice-free. For that reason, Mirai Intex has developed a unique Humidity Extraction Device. This device traps all the humidity inside the refrigerated space and extracts it mechanically as snow. It operates automatically and therefore eliminates the need for defrosting procedures, ensuring the most stable condition for long term storage.

Applications of open cycle machines include biological/pharmaceutical materials storage, storage of meat and fish, as well as creating a unique experience in a cryotherapy chamber.

In case you believe that you need a solution that is more specific please send us detailed information about your conditions through our configurator and we will provide you with the right solution for your needs.


MIRAI Cold 10 is CE certified by the respected European certification organization.
CE certification covers:

  • Pressure equipment directive (PED) 2017/68/EU, Module A2 Certificate
  • Electromagnetic compatibility directive (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU Certificate
  • Low voltage directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU Certificate
  • Machinery directive (MD) 2006/42/EC

Main advantages

Using MIRAI Cold will help you cut down energy costs, ensure reliability, safety and compliance with any further legislation, as well as other major benefits.

Air as refrigerant

Air as refrigerant

No need to refilling
Environmentally friendly

No vibration or noise

Turbo module design reduces noise and vibrations

Safe solution

Safe solution

No chemically active substances
No risk of fire or explosion

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Reduced power consumption up to 30%

Oil free

No oil in the system due to air bearings
Reduced costs

Temperature accuracy

Temperature accuracy of 0.5 °C

Frequency inverter allows maintaining 0.5 °C accuracy

Reduced operating costs

Reduced operating costs

Long lifecycle of equipment due to the lack of contacting pairs and chemically active substances
Easy to operate, service and maintain

Control system

Real-time monitoring system
Ability to integrate software intervals
Data archiving at specified intervals

Operating stability

Stable loads on power grid and cooling water even in the most demanding conditions

Legislative compliance

Legislative compliance

Compliance with all international standards / regulations


Preservation of precious and delicate items or testing their duration through the most extreme conditions is only some of the things our solution can provide. Keep samples and sensitive materials in a homogenous environment all years round without harm.

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Storing food at -60°С stops all intra-cellular biochemical processes and denaturation of proteins, doesn’t damage tissue cells and prevents the formation of large ice crystals as it occurs at -18°C.

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Testing is an important part of the product development process, control at all stages of production and pre-sale preparation of equipment, products, and devices. The main indicator of the quality of any product is resistance to temperature effects.

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In biomedical research, specialists rely heavily on the consistency and the quality of the biological samples that they are studying over short and long periods of time. Therefore, sample integrity plays a key role in this field.

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Cryotherapy is mostly used in an effort to help relieve muscle pain, sprains and swelling after soft tissue damage (sport) or surgery and to improve recovery after sports activities that require temperatures from – 100°C down to – 160°C.

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Take a look on how the system works

Mirai Intex Open Cycle 2021

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