MIRAI Intex®

Innovative and ecological refrigeration to -160 °C

Safe, efficient and reliable

GWP 0, no F-gas regulations

Applicable in various industries

Cost-effective refrigeration

Plug and Play solution
Advanced refrigeration system is tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to vacuum drying and pharma applications
Open Cycle
Direct supply of air into the cold room, no need for evaporators and auxiliary fans indoors. Operating at low pressure, safer solution than any alternatives.
Closed Cycle
Circulation of ultracold air inside the cooling unit. The machines are equipped with an additional heat exchanger for the secondary working fluid.
Innovative Technology
We revolutionise refrigeration sector with our cutting-edge technologies.
Service and Maintenance
Performance you can trust.
Mirai technicians will ensure the longevity of your equipment's operation.
Company News
News about whats happening inside the company, what solutions did we help and much more.