KryoAir, the revolutionary air-based refrigeration system for freeze dryers

July 2, 2024
KryoAir, the revolutionary air-based refrigeration system for freeze dryers

IMA Life collaborated with MIRAI Intex and the US company ACT in developing this “pioneering sustainable refrigeration system” recently awarded at Interphex NY and presented at Achema 2024

Press release issued by IMA Life on 20th of June 2024

KryoAir is a revolutionary air-based refrigeration system for freeze dryers designed and manufactured by IMA Life. In an industry where traditional refrigeration methods often fall short due to environmental concerns and safety regulations, KryoAir stands out as a beacon of innovation and progress. Breaking away from reliance on high-GWP gases and flammable mediums, KryoAir introduces a paradigm shift in refrigeration technology.

Awarded as a “pioneering sustainable refrigeration system” (IMA Life won the Best New Product/Service) at the recent Interphex New York trade show, KryoAir was launched just last year and epitomises IMA Life’s pioneering approach to pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, especially concerning the freeze-drying and aseptic processing areas. In fact, this system not only avoids the use of high-GWP gases, but ensures consistent cooling output across varying temperatures for freeze-drying applications with an almost maintenance-free concept. IMA Life collaborated with the US-based company ACT, along with MIRAI Intex of the Czech Republic in developing this revolutionary system.

At its core lies the air cycle technology powered by a turbo-compressor-expander, developed and supplied by MIRAI Intex, augmented by the revolutionary Cold Thermal Energy Storage (CTES) system from ACT, a true game-changer in the field. Unlike anything seen before, CTES harnesses the power of phase-transitioning compounds to maximise capacity per unit of volume. This breakthrough innovation not only enhances efficiency but also enables the turbo-compressor-expander technology to support intensive and discontinuous energy applications, like freeze dryers.

Pairing CTES with the MIRAI Cold refrigeration machine, KryoAir transforms a well-established technology into a powerhouse of clean energy utilisation. This dynamic synergy allows KryoAir to achieve extreme low temperatures with unprecedented efficiency, all while maintaining a compact and reliable design.

The benefits of KryoAir extend beyond environmental sustainability and safety. Its single-stage, oil-free turbo compressor-expander ensures reliability and durability, requiring minimal maintenance. Moreover, its ability to deliver consistent cooling output across varying temperatures sets a new standard in refrigeration technology.

Making the lyophilisation process a more sustainable one, KryoAir can be fitted to IMA’s LYOMAX and LYOFAST freeze dryers.

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