CSL Behring - Freeze-Dryer with sustainable refrigeration technology - CryoBlizzard by HOF

June 7, 2024
CSL Behring - Freeze-Dryer with sustainable refrigeration technology - CryoBlizzard by HOF

CSL Behring - Freeze-Dryer with sustainable refrigeration technology - CryoBlizzard by HOF 

CSL Behring stands as the forefront producer of biotechnological medicines worldwide, dedicated to saving lives and enhancing patients' quality of life. Additionally, CSL Behring sets the benchmark in adoption of sustainable technologies, exemplified by the implementation of three innovative freeze-drying systems, the CryoBlizzard by HOF, powered solely by air cycle refrigeration systems by MIRAI Intex, retrofitted in 2023 at their Marburg facility. 


This refrigeration technology, developed jointly by HOF Sonderanlagenbau and Refolution with the cold air refrigeration machines from MIRAI Intex, not only ensures future-proof technology but also enables exceptional flexibility, reliability, and efficiency. 

The cutting-edge system CryoBlizzard by HOF ensures the lyophilization process. 

Each of the three lyophilization systems boasts 20 square meters of shelf area, accompanied by an automated loading and unloading system. Capable of freezing the product down to -80 degrees Celsius, these systems, equipped with a centralized refrigeration system, signify a remarkable advancement in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology. They are versatile and can be implemented as either new installations or retrofits for any existing configurations. 


Moreover, this technology boasts a significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional systems, making it a real game-changer in environmental sustainability. Fully compliant with environmental regulations such as the F-Gas regulation and REACH, it sets a new standard for eco-friendly refrigeration solutions. Thanks to air refrigeration, we can rely on zero GWP, zero ODP, and zero TFA parameters. Additionally, the heat generated during the process can be efficiently repurposed for other processes, functioning as a heat pump. 

HOF Sonderanlagenbau, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical freeze dryers, freeze and thaw, and loading/unloading systems, collaborated with Refolution, an engineering company specializing in sustainable refrigeration and SECON, our distribution partner in Germany and Switzerland, to bring this innovation to fruition. 

For more information, please contact sales@mirai-intex.com