MIRAI calls on to crack down the F-Gas usage !

December 2, 2021
MIRAI calls on to crack down the F-Gas usage !

If not us, then who?

Humanity can no longer turn the blind eye to the Earth's reaction.

Today's technocratic world brings significant problems to people, that are already hard to ignore: we on the part of refrigeration manufacturers are concerned about climate change caused by F gases and their destructive impact.

While there are some encouraging signs that world leaders will take action to reduce emissions, this action must happen at an accelerated rate to avoid further warming. Despite their enormous impact on the climate, fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) are still used as refrigerants or propellants in air conditioners, refrigerators, foams, and insulation materials. Depending on the substance, the greenhouse effect can be 100 to 24,000 times that of carbon dioxide. Reducing emissions of these substances requires targeted replacement of F-gases with environmentally friendly alternatives or switching to alternative technologies.

Measures to reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases are essential and make a significant contribution to climate change mitigation. The urgency of these mitigation policies has also been recognized at the international level.

The overall aim is to establish the use of natural coolants on an international basis and to introduce energy-efficient cooling and air conditioning units that are also powered by renewable energy.

Therefore, the preservation of nature, the restoration of what has been lost, is the number one task today. Of course, with strong legislation, which is also strictly enforced, and a strong awareness and education appeal across the world, capturing all sectors of society. Caring about the environment begins with each individual, on a larger scale from each entrepreneur and his production.

Steps are being taken, but as it turns out, this is not enough specifically in the segment for the temperatures below – 50°C! We are in favor of stricter F-gas measures and controls; we support all initiatives and organizations that vehemently for these kinds of restrictions; we have created a new solution we strive to implement and wait for furtherance.

We offer you to join our team and our movement and save the planet with us.