About us

MIRAI INTEX We are an engineering company developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly refrigerating and air-conditioning units.


Technology used and integrated by MIRAI INTEX with innovative solutions, opens new horizons in refrigeration and air conditioning without leaving an ecological footprint.

We are a young team dedicated to the protection of the environment through the implementation of innovative technologies. With innovative solutions based on air cycle technology and achieved through advanced scientific and technological developments, we provide environmentally friendly equipment aiming to make this world a better place to live in.
The depletion of the ozone layer and global warming have posed new requirements on industrial equipment, which have lead us to develop units that operate with natural air instead of harmful Freon gases.
In order to cooperate in the framework of environmental protection programmes, please email us at: ecopartnership@mirai-intex.com

Contribution to climate protection

MIRAI INTEX, along with many other countries and the UN, supports the use of innovative technology to minimise the negative human impact on the environment.

MIRAI’s technology, in compliance with the COP21 Paris agreement, offers a viable alternative to chemical refrigerants, thus helping to preserve the environment by reducing harmful gas emissions.

As MIRAI’s products do not use any refrigerant other than clean air, there is neither the risk of leakage nor of potential noncompliance with future legislation.


MIRAI INTEX supplies off-the-shelf equipment, as well as the following engineering services:

  • Design and development of the cold air supply and air conditioning systems
  • Equipment service and repair
  • Installation and commissioning works


In order to keep up with the constantly changing and rapid pace of business environment, we seek talented and motivated people who aim to improve the world. We believe that human capital is our most valuable asset and are determined to enrich our corporate portfolio with enthusiastic and intelligent employees.