MIRAI Cold 23 T

(MC 23 C/W/T)
-40°C -110°C
Temperature range
23 kW
Motor power
Solution for industry-sized applications cooled by water.
Medium-sized process cooling requiring ultra-low temperatures found its environmentally friendly refrigeration solution.

MIRAI Cold 23 T operates in a closed cycle as an indirect refrigeration system with Air as a refrigerant. The machine comes with a factory-equipped heat exchanger which is optimized to work with silicone oil (also compatible with other working fluids). A system is a standalone unit that requires minimum servicing and maintenance.
Reduced power consumption up to
  • Air as refrigerant
  • No need to refilling
  • Environmentally friendly
Temperature accuracy of
Refrigeration Capacity & Power
MIRAI Cold 23 T (MC 23 C/W/T)
MIRAI Cold 23 T (MC 23 C/W/T)
MIRAI Cold 23 T
Additional Heat Exchanger
Closed cycle machines are factory equipped with an additional heat exchanger. The ultra-low temperature air is working in a closed loop by cooling down a heat transfer fluid in this additional heat exchanger.
Electrical Cabinet Air Filter Cartridge
The only part requiring regular attention. Each 9000 operating hours or by machine’s demand cartridge needs to be replaced. Simple task not requiring any special training or certification.
Control Panel
User-friendly interface and easy control of the machine is provided by 7” color touch screen panel. System is compatible with digital communication protocols ProfiNET, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, and Powerlink.
Technical Data
Rated Motor Power
23 kW
System Cooling Water
2 300 kg
194x150x230 cm
Temperature Range
from -40 °C to -110 °C
Noise Level
70 dB
Max Rotation Speed
51 000 rpm
Refrigeration Capacity
Up to 15.7 kW
Operation Cycle
Closed cycle
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MIRAI Cold 23 T
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MIRAI Cold 23 T