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MIRAI INTEX attended ATMOsphere Europe 2017, one of the largest events dedicated to natural refrigerants and environmentally friendly technologies that took place in Berlin at the end of September.

The main focus of a three-days conference was promotion of natural refrigerants in heating, ventilation and cooling sectors alongside with discussions around HFC control measures and further steps for F-gases reduction. The industry leaders and decision makers shared their opinions, success stories and expertise, based on existing projects.

Among key speakers were representatives of large manufacturing and engineering companies, industry associations, environmental organizations and policy makers, such as GEA, Dorin, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, EHPA (European Heat Pump Association), Environmental Investigation Agency, AREA (Air Conditioning Refrigeration European Association), etc.

According to the experts’ estimation, the competition between natural refrigerants is increasing, with NH3/CO2 cascade systems also gaining acceptance. Current tendency shows, that the industrial market is moving towards natural refrigerants due to their safety characteristics, despite some technical challenges.

The industry objectives towards HFC reduction reflect MIRAI INTEX values and philosophy in making an environmentally friendly technology energy efficient and available.


MIRAI Intex participated in the Global Biobank Week which took place on 13-15 September in Stockholm.

Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium (BBMRI-ERIC), European, Middle Eastern and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB), and International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) organized this conference, the central theme of which was global harmonization of biobanking activities.

The conference attracted around 1000 participants including biobanking experts, scientists, policy makers and patient representatives for discussion and collaboration on activities important for biobanking, preservation of samples and data for biological and environmental research to improve health care and decrease the burden of disease worldwide.

Among the keynote speakers of the event were Greg Simon, the President of the Biden Cancer Initiative, Gregory Biden, the Director of the Biden Cancer Initiative, and Jan-Eric Litton, Professor at Karolinska Institute and former Director General of BBMRI-ERIC. Session topics included personalised medicine, quality of samples, harmonisation efforts, data protection, and the benefit for citizens and society.

For MIRAI Intex, as a designer and producer of low-temperature storage complex for biological materials, participation in this event became the unique opportunity to meet the leaders of biobanking in one place, and to get information about latest achievements and challenges in this dynamic and rapidly developing field.


MIRAI Intex participated in Decarb Heat Forum, organized by European Heat Pump Organization (EHPA), which took place in Brussels on 11-12 May. The forum gathered more than 220 participants including the major players of the heating and cooling industry from all around Europe and relevant policy-makers at European, national, regional and local level.

The forum included insights from respected institutions, global corporate leaders, industry and science opinion leaders, EU policymakers.

In the ambitious post-Paris COP21 world, the Decarb Heat Forum stands out as the first gathering of cross-sectoral companies, associations and institutions that believe in bridging the gap and connecting the heating/cooling and electricity sectors in the move towards zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

The first day of the conference was focused on the policies towards the decarbonisation of cities and industry. Among the events to have taken place in the first day was the DecarbHeat Ceremony in which the representatives of the industry and other major stakeholders had the opportunity to formally sign both the Industry Pledge and the Declaration of Support. MIRAI Intex company joined to the big initiative by signing the Declaration. The signatures reflect the willingness to make the vision of 100% decarbonized European heating and cooling system reality.

An honoured guest of the Ceremony was His Royal Highness the Prince Laurent of Belgium, who supported the initiative by signing the Declaration. The ceremony was followed by Heat Pump City of the Year Awards, presented by Céline Frémault, Minister of Energy and Environment for the Brussels Capital Region.


The last weekend in April was remarkable for Porsche Carrera Cup Italia round that took place at Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola, Italy. One of the strongest and fastest teams in Italian series and our partner Tsunami RT Centro Porsche Padova, which has won the title of champion for two years in a row, showed high performance this year too: first row in qualifying, silver in the first race and two fastest race courses. Our congratulations to the team for a great performance and excellent results!

Racing is a truly dynamic and spectacular sport, that has a lot of fans and enthusiasts. We believe, that our partnership will be proactive and efficient in terms of promoting the idea of eco-friendly technologies for eco-sustainable future.



An engineering company MIRAI INTEX introduced the air cycle technology for the first time at Chillventa 2016 in Nuremberg.

The stand with two flagship models of air cycle HVAC&R equipment attracted a lot of attention. Many stand visitors noted that the air cycle technology had a number of benefits and the recent developments in this field made the air cycle machines one of the main innovative products at the exhibition.

The ‘MIRAI Cold’ air cycle machine solves the problem of refrigeration in the temperature range of -40ºС to –80°С. The technology will provide effective refrigeration in areas such as storage of biological materials in biobanks or preservation of premium quality food products.

Moreover, on Wednesday, 12 October 2016 at Chillventa Technical Programme MIRAI INTEX presented the revolutionary safe HVAC system with natural air as a refrigerant. The ‘MIRAI Climate’ air-cycle HVAC solution was introduced for the first time to the European community not only under the aspect of its eco-friendly technology, but also high productivity with minimum energy expenditure.

MIRAI’s team wants to thank all the visitors for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us at this year’s Chillventa in Nuremberg. We were pleased to meet you, learn a little about your requirements and showcase our innovative technologies and solutions.

Being able to discuss all the trends in refrigerating and air conditioning industry in person was a valuable opportunity for us and we are looking forward to further contacts with you. In case you’d like to learn even more about MIRAI’s products and engineering solutions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.


On Wednesday, 12.10.2016 MIRAI INTEX will present the revolutionary safe HVAC system with natural air as a refrigerant at Chillventa Technical Programme. The speaker will introduce for the first time the ‘MIRAI Climate’ air-cycle HVAC solution to the European community not only under the aspect of its eco-friendly technology, but also high productivity with minimum energy expenditure. During the MIRAI’s presentation, you will get to know the system’s working principles and all its advantages.

As of today, there are all the prerequisites for the widespread use of air cycle refrigeration machines. The unique technology, that enables external air to be used both as a source of energy, and as a working fluid, enables ‘MIRAI Climate’ to use electricity rationally, and save natural and financial resources. What is more, air cycle HVAC machines are significantly simpler in their construction, installation and operation than vapour compression ones, which require highly specialized and qualified staff for operation.

MIRAI’s presentation aims to demonstrate that the use of the refrigerant R729 – natural air – in refrigeration and climate systems is a promising technology that will be able to help the world community in its fight against climate change.

MIRAI INTEX team looks forward to see you at the presentation!

Wednesday – 12.10.2016, 4:00 PM – 4:20 PM, Location: Hall 9, stand 9-531.


A new generation of refrigerating and HVAC equipment from MIRAI INTEX will be showcased for the first time at the Chillventa 2016 international specialized exhibition.

At the Chillventa 2016 international exhibition for refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation to be held in Nuremberg, Germany on October 11-13, MIRAI INTEX will display innovative refrigeration equipment for the first time: ‘MIRAI Cold’ refrigeration machine and ‘MIRAI Climate’ climate system. Visitors of the MIRAI INTEX stand will be able to see the premiere of modern high-tech climate and refrigeration equipment that uses air – the most available and environmentally safe refrigerant as a working fluid instead of Freon.

The ‘MIRAI Cold’ range of refrigeration machines is designed to solve tasks for industrial and commercial cooling, industrial freezing (including ultra-fast), and for storage at temperatures from -60°C to -80°C. The absence of refrigerants and oils determines the maximum possible ecological purity of ‘MIRAI Cold’, and the use of the energy generated by the turboexpander enables the system to consume power comparable to traditional Freon installations.

The ‘MIRAI Climate’ air climate system, which will also be showcased at the exhibition by the specialists of MIRAI INTEX, is a multimode thermal machine that works in the summer (t = +27…+50°C) as an air conditioner, and in winter (t = -50…+7°C) as a heat pump. If necessary, it can also operate in cooling mode. The main feature of the ‘MIRAI Climate’ system is its ability to provide high quality indoor air through a 100% fresh air inflow, while conventional air conditioners use the air circulating in the room.

Chillventa 2016 – international specialized exhibition on refrigerating equipment, air conditioning systems, ventilation and heat pumps. The exhibition was founded in 2008 and is held once every two years. At Chillventa 2016 the key problems of modern industry will be highlighted: energy efficiency development with cooling and air conditioning, renewable sources of energy and effective indoor air purification.


World tendencies in biotechnologies and the potential of medical research development require а significant expansion of refrigerating powers for the high-quality storage of biosamples.

Modern progress suggests that the specific temperature range of -50°C to -80°C makes it possible to not only preserve a high quality of biomaterials, but also to extend their storage period. The latest huge up growth of the pharma and medicine industries, as well as demand for high-tech products, requires new standards and needs of low-temperature storage.

The most illustrative examples of blood components and biosample storage centres with a well-developed infrastructure are:
• The Bank of Biological Samples at Odense University Hospital (Denmark)
• National Biobank in Great Britain
• Biobank of the Medical University of Graz (Austria)

These and some other European projects show that low-temperature storage at -80 ° C becomes a mandatory attribute of research and scientific centres.

The world trend of growing popularity and demand for biobanks and low-temperature storage of biological samples have lead MIRAI INTEX to develop equipment, which operates with clean air instead of harmful Freon gases, and provides a cold room of any size with the temperature range of -50°C to -80°C. Eco-friendly air cycle refrigeration technology makes it possible to create modern and safe biobanks.


The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) took place in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015 where nearly 200 governments came to a consensus on the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions. This document is regarded by many observers as an achievement in itself and is being hailed as “historic”.

COP21 presents an unprecedented opportunity to define a new vector of world economic development. This climate agreement replaces the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 and determines a global strategy to minimize human impact on the climate.

MIRAI Intex welcomes the common efforts of all countries to prevent climate change and supports the UN climate initiative. We are sure that the results of the climate conference in Paris can become a breakthrough in the history of environmental agreements. MIRAI Intex’s priority interests encompass all the public discussions of the climate change problems. The company’s major activity is to produce ozone-friendly equipment, which does not affect global warming. Thatis why MIRAI Intex insists on bringing down greenhouse gas emissions to net zero all over the world. This is in line with the scientific evidence presented at the Conference.

The goals stated in the agreement are achievable. Not only governments but also private business should work on the implementation of new technologies. For example, the refrigerating and climate control system industry can now use natural air as the safest and most available refrigerant.

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