MIRAI Intex presented on the Symposium of Natural Refrigerants in Nuremberg 2018


On the 12th of November, a symposium took place, dedicated to Natural refrigerants – safe and efficient use. It was a high-profile event organized by the Bavarian State Office for the Environment along with the district association of Munich, the  subdistrict association Nuremberg of the German cooling and air conditioning association (DKV) registered an association and the ecological research office for environmental research and consultation.

This event was supported by the highly respected independent environmental research institution and consultancy Öko-Recherche represented at the event by the director herself Barbara Gschrey (M.Sc.).

Presentations and discussed topics were centered around the transition to natural refrigerants, EU F-gas regulation, future impact on the refrigeration industry and the environment. Sustainable energy solutions for the food retail sector, trans and subcritical CO2 systems and the application potential of water as a refrigerant in turbo compressor systems were also in the center of attention.

Mirai Intex participated in the event as an engaged member of the audience. As the ban for R404A is coming into force in 2020, the logical question would be, what is the industry going to use for Ultra-low temperature applications? However, the panel didn’t have an answer to that question, and we proposed air as the next natural, safe and efficient refrigerant for Ultra-low temperature applications. After engaging in a talk with the Prof. M. Deischel from the Nuremberg University about our approach, we were asked to present to the audience our philosophy and solution – MIRAI COLD, based on the Air Cycle Technology. The presentation was very well received and has attracted the interest of many engineers that would like to get to know more about us as an Environmental technology company.

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