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September 1, 2021

We at Mirai Intex are proud to introduce the most powerful refrigeration machine added to our product portfolio - MIRAI Cold 80 T!

Same as the rest of our refrigeration machines, only air is used as a refrigerant and no oil is used for the machine’s lubrication, making MIRAI Cold the most environmentally friendly Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) refrigeration solution.

MIRAI Cold 80 C/W/T as the letters indicate, is a machine working in a closed cycle (C), cooled by water (W) and an additional heat exchanger for a secondary cooling medium is already part of the machine (T). Closed cycle machines are designed for process cooling and excel in Freeze-Drying applications.

The heart of MC 80 T is Mirai’s high-tech turbo-module, the most powerful yet. Performance testing results have pushed cooling capacity up to 55 kW; the temperature range was unchanged (-40 °C to -110°C). We have created the most powerful machine in our product range, per machine’s volume, merging compact dimensions with higher efficiency.

Probably the most visible difference of MC 80 T lies in having a separate electrical cabinet with a touch-screen control system.

This allows the electrical cabinet to be located further from the machine and therefore offers multiple installation layout options to fulfill almost every application need.

MIRAI Cold 80 T with electrical cabinet


Mirai COLD 80 T (C/W/T)

The most powerful MIRAI Cold offers:

  • One of the “greenest” refrigerants R729 (natural air) with GWP = 0
  • Lack of contacting pairs = no oil for lubrication needed
  • Up to 55 kW cooling capacity
  • Advanced control system regulating machine’s performance
  • Frequency inverter for precise partial load operation
  • High cooling capacity with the same noise level as smaller sister machines
  • Separate electrical cabinet with the control panel allowing variable installation options
  • Integration of communication protocols (ProfiNET, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP and Powerlink)
  • Remote monitoring and remote software updates
  • Compact dimensions in relation to provided refrigeration capacity

MIRAI Cold 80 T (C/W/T) is ready for any demanding ULT application, that requires large cooling capacity and offers unbeatable performance combined with an environmentally friendly approach.

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