How the Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) prevents and treats serious diseases?


New trend confidently enters our lives and its popularity is growing day by day – The Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) owes its popularity mainly to athletes. Сryotherapy devices (cryotherapy complexes) are used to prevent and treat serious diseases. Fast relief effect, speeding recovery, and more youthful-looking skin, are only a few advantages of the new therapy.

Take a short overlook of existing systems, using different refrigeration technologies:

  • WBC with liquid nitrogen Generally used only for a single cryotherapeutic system. Energy inputs by using LN systems 5 times higher in comparison to compressor systems. The acquisition of cryogen must be at least 30% of the cost of treatment. For single cryotherapy devices, it is necessary to select a liquefier (diluent) that matches the cooling capacity and flow characteristics. Liquid nitrogen is a chemical that requires special handling and is life-threatening, thus, extra safety measures are indispensable.
  • WBC with compressor systemsIt is less efficient. Power consumption in this system is 2 times higher (18-20 kW) compared to nitrogen quasi-cycles (7 kW).
  • WBC with air cycle technology – the most efficient and feasible alternative to all existing cooling systems. In such kind of system refrigerators are based on the reversed Brayton cycle (air cycle). The main element of such a system is air. Numerous tests have shown a dramatic reduction in energy consumption through the use of turbo-refrigeration systems. Plus, improved energy efficiency and reliability of the cryostatting system and elimination of problems with the logistics of the liquid cryoagent will significantly increase the profitability of such devices. Air as a constant source of system operation is irreplaceable, inexhaustible, harmless, and offers temperature stability and uniformity.

When it comes to comparison of two systems with LN and air, сryobarell and single person cryo-chamber are units where liquid cryoagent is more efficient for covering thermal emissions in a zone of the general cryotherapeutic influence. As the capacity of the cryotherapeutic complex grows, the problem of supplying it with cryogen arises. Any blocks release up to 60 procedures of general cryotherapy per day, which is associated with the consumption of 270 kg of liquid nitrogen. The supply of sanatoriums that work with LN systems is difficult due to the remoteness of these organizations from cryogen producers.

There is one area where the WBC camera working profile must be taken into account when comparing coolants. If there is continuous operation, the air is unconquerable, taking into account all of the facts above.

While using large chambers air is the only proper element. LN used to be the first refrigerator in the cryo industry, but the world does not stand still and development is inexorably flying forward. The developers have learned to use the resources of the environment (AIR) in new technologies for less harm to humanity.

We took a step forward and improved the technology, inventing the only existing unique development -the MIRAI Cold open cycle machine. This system uses neither nitrogen nor chemicals. Using natural material (AIR), temperatures to -130 ° C are reached. The turbo module uses air bearings, so no additional lubrication is required- a nice bonus in the cost of maintenance and reliability, like the usage of the air itself.

Air from the MIRAI Cold open circuit is conveyed directly to the cryo-chamber. The dehumidifier filters the humidity inside the cryo chamber, allowing dry air from the chamber back to the refrigeration unit so that the air cycle can be repeated. When air is used as a refrigerant, then the chamber is constantly supplied with the air from the refrigeration machine. This eliminates the need for rapid cooling in comparison to LN refrigeration systems. Even in large group therapy chambers, the temperature distribution is very even all over the chamber, so the conditions by procedures are ideal for each patient.

In this regard, we have received IIF recognition and have earned support and cooperation with various companies and research centers. Our company is a regular participant in international conferences where it receives and shares its experience with colleagues all over the world. We do not stop there and go further, planning to implement many more of our projects.

Follow us and our new developments and stay on the crest of new technologies together with us.


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