Heat recovery with MIRAI Cold


Air is the ultimate refrigerant. No special maintenance precautions or refrigerant recovery procedures are required. It does not harm the ozone layer.

Heat pumps work like refrigeration machines, but other way around. They use a refrigerant as an intermediate substance to absorb heat and then to release heat in the condenser.

It is considered as an economical and convenient heating method for example in winter.

MIRAI Intex_heat recovery at Coolinn
Heat recovery system at Coolinn


COOLINN uses our technology not only in cryotherapy units but also uses exhaust air for heating. This is very convenient and, most importantly, a money-saving way of using technology. In air-cooled operation (MC 15 O / A), the outside air heats up to 45 – 50 ° C, i.e. the temperature of the cooling air at the outlet will be about 70 ° C, and the heat output will be up to 24 kW, while simultaneously keeping – 115 ° in the main chamber and – 60° in the pre-chamber.

Inlet of the heated ambient air into the lounge


MIRAI Cold 15 O/A is an air cycle refrigeration machine designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from – 40 ° C to – 110 ° C in refrigeration chambers.

It operates in an open cycle and supplies cold air directly to the chamber without the need to have an evaporator or auxiliary fans in it. Open cycle machines are equipped with a unique HED (humidity extraction device) that retains moisture from the air in the chamber and mechanically removes it. Thanks to the elimination of ice accumulation and the need for defrosting MIRAI Cold 15 is the ideal solution for cryotherapy and storage.

Exhaust duct in the engine room

Mirai Cold 15 O / A operates without oil, using only air as the refrigerant. Exhaust air, in its turn, is cleverly used to heat the room. Whole-body cryo chambers are rooms with indoor temperatures ranging from – 80 ° C to – 160 ° C, where people enter for a few minutes (up to 3 min.) to receive healing effects in the following areas through related body reactions and extreme physical stimuli. To reduce the likelihood of damage to the skin, for example, after a sport session (the body is heated and releases moisture for cooling), it is proposed initially to dry it with this warm air (exhausted air) and only then enter a room with ultra-low temperatures.

  • Elimination of chronic pain such as rheumatism or osteoarthritis
  • Positive mental health
  • Forfend of stress
  • Sleep disorders and depression avert
  • Faster regeneration and recovery from injuries

It’s great when one technology can be used in such a wide range. With us, the use of new technologies becomes easier, clearer, and more economical.

Stay healthy and progressive with us.

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