MIRAI INTEX at ATMOsphere 2017


MIRAI INTEX attended ATMOsphere Europe 2017, one of the largest events dedicated to natural refrigerants and environmentally friendly technologies that took place in Berlin at the end of September.

The main focus of a three-days conference was promotion of natural refrigerants in heating, ventilation and cooling sectors alongside with discussions around HFC control measures and further steps for F-gases reduction. The industry leaders and decision makers shared their opinions, success stories and expertise, based on existing projects.

Among key speakers were representatives of large manufacturing and engineering companies, industry associations, environmental organizations and policy makers, such as GEA, Dorin, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, EHPA (European Heat Pump Association), Environmental Investigation Agency, AREA (Air Conditioning Refrigeration European Association), etc.

According to the experts’ estimation, the competition between natural refrigerants is increasing, with NH3/CO2 cascade systems also gaining acceptance. Current tendency shows, that the industrial market is moving towards natural refrigerants due to their safety characteristics, despite some technical challenges.

The industry objectives towards HFC reduction reflect MIRAI INTEX values and philosophy in making an environmentally friendly technology energy efficient and available.